Typically, the first visit lasts up to 60 minutes; following visits last up to 30 minutes. After a thorough history is obtained, the child receives an Osteopathic structural and functional examination. The child is then usually treated either while lying down, in a seated position, or on their parent's lap. At times an older child may be asked to change positions or to participate in some way in the treatment process.

Treatment using Osteopathy in the Cranial Field involves a gentle hands-on approach to free the areas of the body in which motion has become restricted. On occasion, different techniques or modalities may be used, based on what the osteopath feels is most appropriate for your child at that time. These may include one of the many gentle techniques that osteopaths are trained to use, such as balanced ligamentous tension, counterstrain, or myofascial release techniques.

During the treatment, your physician at the Portland OCC may make contact with areas of the body that you do not associate with the reason for the visit, including the feet, the tailbone, or the head. Osteopaths assess and treat the body as a whole, because the fluid and tissue continuity throughout the body connects all parts.

During the treatment, a child may have a hard time staying still and may need to play with a small toy, or have the parent or guardian read to them to keep them occupied. At other times, the child may become very relaxed, have a wide range of other feelings and sensations, or they may feel nothing at all. Accommodations are always made to make the child as comfortable as possible.